Getting help in the thought process


I am sitting in a classroom, asking myself if our business model is sound also in real world — and not only in Finland, but elsewhere in world. Just a moment ago I thought we had been considering our product and business model from every possible angle. Some moments later, I’d formed a totally new view of one of the hardest obstacles in Neuro Event Labs’ path, which opened a few new options to overcome a problem we hadn’t thought of earlier. All that combined with an idea of how to utilize partnering/teaming up better with other players in this field to share the pain; to share the risk.

The reason for all this internal dialogue is that I’m sitting in a one-on-one sparring session by Kasvu Open, also known as "mylläröinti". And there I am, finding myself asking whether our business model on paper really works in real life. I’m realizing that there are many partnering/co-operation possibilities out there. We are not alone. We are finding new connections. We are asking questions and getting fresh views for solutions to our problems, based on experience that particular mylläri (the Finnish word for miller) has in the startup world, medical space, or business in general.

This is myllärointi as its best; pushing you to ask yourself those difficult questions that have been postponed many times; giving you the opportunity to utilize the experience of individual business leaders on specific problems for which you don’t yet have an answer. They are there to help with expanding your network, adding new contacts and even finding potential new partners, customers or advisors for your business. Kasvu Open is the biggest sparring program in Finland, focusing in growth. In 2017, there are over 400 selected companies, 15 selected in the health industry where Neuro Event Labs is operating, and over 1000 experienced business people sparring, better known as mylläri. I have been so happy to find that there exists such a group in Finland who is truly willing to help me in my business and willing to provide their experience and connections to make our product, business model, and story better.

I can’t wait for next sessions in Kasvu Open to elaborate our growth path further, sharpening our story – and yes – also giving careful thoughts for new paths we haven’t yet studied thoroughly.


Kaapo Annala

Neuro Event Labs Oy:n toimitusjohtaja ja osakas. Yritys on sparrattavana Digital Health -Kasvupolulla. Sen liikeidea on konenäköön ja koneoppimiseen pohjautuva epilepsiakohtausten etämonitorointi ja analysointi.




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