Going Global

A runway towards international growth.

Aiming at global markets

Together with Team Finland, we will reward 20 of the Kasvu Open participants with the best internationalization potential by offering them a free spot in the Going Global programme.

Congratulations to the winners of Going Global Award!

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What is Going Global?

Kasvu Open and Team Finland want to help small and medium-sized Finnish companies on their way to internationalization and growth. To support the companies' internationalization plans, we are offering the Going Global programme.

More information about the Going Global programme

Programme schedule

The Going Global programme consists of two Runway Days where the selected companies meet the best international business experts and experience experts in Finland. During the Runway Days, November 22 and December 8, the entrepreneurs and experts will tackle the challenges of international business together. From among the Kasvu Open participants, 20 companies with the best international growth potential were selected. The companies are as follows: Aurelia Turbines Oy, Belightful Design Oy, Cityvarasto Oy, Cozify Oy, Datapartner Oy, Envor Protech Oy, Juha Toivanen Oy / Classic Pizza / Hangon Makaronitehdas, Nethit Oy, Oy Soya Ab/Jalofoods, Paptic Oy, Profin Oy, Proxion Oy, Quva Oy, Rasilaisen Hapankaali Oy, Ruokangas Guitars, TreLab Oy, U-Cont, VideoVisit Oy, Wetend Technologies Oy and Wiitta Oy.


Contact the following persons for more information

Matti Härkönen
Kasvu Open facilitator
Kasvun Roihu Oy
040 578 2688

Tarja Svartström
Communications director
040 826 2006

Jukka Salo
Managing director, internationalization services
029 4695 887

Kari Komulainen
Director, growth companies
050 557 7842

"In 2016, the entire Finnish growth network will make a massive effort through Kasvu Open to inspire a hunger for growth in 400 companies. Team Finland wants to support these companies as they take steps towards internationalization. Through the Going Global award we want to highlight the important role that internationalization plays in the growth process and offer the companies with the best growth potential new growth tools." Finpro, Jukka Salo