Future Wellbeing and Health Growth Track 2018

Looking for new and innovative solutions for health and wellbeing industry

Eager to grow your business?

 If you have a product or service which operates in health or wellbeing industry, you should apply to Future Wellbeing and Health Growth Track! Growth Track partners want to challenge healthcare and wellbeing field and find new and innovative ways that improve and develope the existing operation models.

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What is Future Wellbeing and Health Growth Track?

The 30 most eager to grow companies will be selected to Future Wellbeing and Health Growth Track. 15 of these companies will be selected to health path and 15 to wellbeing path. The Growth Track is for businesses from pre-care to post-care, as well as digital solutions that can be scaled to health industry. In the Growth Track is two paths for companies, health and wellbeing:

Health path is for business operating in hospital enviroment. Medical devices, robotics, digital platforms e.g.
Wellbeing path is for businesses that offers solutions for pre- and post-care. Digital and/or gamification solutions for rehabilitation, sports, physiotherapy, services for patients e.g.

The jury will make the selection in January 2018 and the selected 30 companies will get the information by the end of the month.

These 30 selected companies will get two Runway to Growth Workshops free of charge. In workshops they will meet growth experts who will challenge and encourage the companies growth plans. Kasvu Open growth experts will bring their support and knowledge into companies’ use. The Growth Track offers an opportunity to test your business plans fast and effectively. Upload the Growth Track brochure here.

How to get in? Remember to apply at te latest 21st of January!

You can apply to the Growth Track by filling our application form here. Remember to apply before 21st of January 2018. Note that the application form is in Finnish.
All applicants will be informed about the selection. Growth Track jury will read all the applications. Most important criteria is company’s growth plan. Jury will emphasize company’s growth potential (markets, internationalization opportunities, team, business scalability & credibility and how disruptive & unique the business is).

Public Growth Workshop for everyone

Future Wellbeing and Health Growth Track includes a one free Growth Workshop which is public for everyone (advanced registration is needed). Growth Workshop is held at 16th of January  2018 from 12:30 to 16:00 in IBM office, Helsinki. The workshop themes are digitalization, gamification, crossover partnerships and health industry’s breaking points at the moment. Welcome to hear more about the future of health and wellbeing industry!

Growth Track Schedule

The selected companies will have their growth plans challenged and accelerated in Runway to Growth Workshops. In the first Runway to Growth workshop, the companies are devided to two groups. Half of the companies will participate workshop at Jyväskylä in 22nd of February and the other half at Espoo in 27th of February. The second Runway to Growth Workshop for all the 30 selected companies is held in Helsinki at 20th of March 2018. All the companies will have their growth plans challenged and accelerated in the Workshops. The companies will also have an opportunity to present their growth plan to a great number of experts free of charge and get advices from internationalization, finance, strategy, marketing and sales, management, R&D etc. Each company will meet 10 growth experts in 45 minutes one-on-one meetings during these workshops.

The final event is held in Uppgraded Life Festival at Helsinki 1st of June 2018. The Growth Track jury will choose four winner companies which will be released and rewarded at the Final event. The winner companies will continue to the national Kasvu Open competition.



Would you like to hear more? Please do not hesitate to contact: 

Growth Track facilitator
Satu Haka
+358 50 304 8779

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